Tamara PennaMy floral career really started when I was two years old. My mother put a flower garden in our front yard just for me. It was shaped like a kidney bean and it was full of pansies. The secret to growing pansies, as I learned at a young age, the more you pick them the more they grow. As you can imagine it really did well with me picking those pansies all summer long.

So it was not much of a stretch when I started as a florist when I was 14. I know it dates me, but I love that I have been a florist over half of my life now.

Being around flowers is one of the most natural and rewarding things to do. I still get excited every time I send a bouquet or flower arrangement out the door, and it makes me happy that each time a client raves about how much they loved their flowers. It truly is a labour of love.

I look forward to working with you.

Live Richly,