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Do you think flower front desk flowers are just for big businesses?

Think again.

Taking care of business with flowers

The other day I met a Chiropractor who has fresh flowers delivered to his office every week. He feels that having beautiful flowers in his office contributes to his business’ image of success.

A real benefit to having flowers at work is that it allows you to consciously create the image you want your clients to hold of your business. It’s the equivalent of deciding what suit jacket, tie, purse or shoes you’re going to wear. They all say something about you and your style, in the same way flowers say something about your business.

Now my favourite part of the story is that every friday this Chiropractor gives one of his clients the flowers to take home with her. This is a beautiful act of kindness and generosity, and it’s an incredible opportunity. There are fifty two fridays in a year; that’s fifty two chances every year to really wow and amaze one client at a time. This client is going to tell a lot of people about the flowers they received from their chiropractor. This generates powerful word of mouth business that will continue to grow his company.

More importantly, clients who receive flowers from their chiropractor will become even more loyal. Sometimes we spend so much time looking for new clients, and forget to show appreciation for our existing ones. With a real understanding of the lifetime value of a customer it’s important to remember that our existing clients are likely to treat us really well and be loyal to us if we treat them well make certain that they don’t feel like just another number.

Is it’s time to look at flowers as your next business investment?

Starting as low as 35$ Included Service:

  • Complimentary delivery (Value $312 annually)
  • 10% added flower value in weekly orders
  • 10% Discount on staff appreciation flower purchases
  • Complimentary vase rental
  • Business style consultation
  • Staff education on how to maintain and protect your flower investment.
  • 10% Discount on advanced orders for Holiday decor including outdoor urns and evergreen wreathes.


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